Canada Transit Visa

If you aren't traveling to Canada but need to travel through Canada transit, you must apply for a Canada Transit Visa. A Canada transit visa is required by most people. Criteria such as the type of your passport, the country in which the passport was issued, your citizenship and how you will go to Canada are factors that determine whether you are eligible for this type of visa.

Who Should Apply for a Canada Transit Visa?

Turkish citizens who will make transit from Canada are required to apply for a Canada transit visa. If you are staying in Canada for less than 48 hours, you must apply to this visa. The Canada transit visa is free and doesn't have a procedure that is very different from a visitor's visa. You also don't need eTA, the Canadian electronic certificate of approval. You cannot apply for a Transit Canada visa if your stay in Canada is longer than 48 hours. In this case, you must apply for a Canada Tourist Visa or another type of visa for your travel purpose.

If you are arriving in Canada by bus, train, car or boat, you must apply for a Visitor's visa. The Canada Transit Visa is only valid for visitors traveling by plane.

You can find out if you need a Transit Visa to Canada by clicking here.

Required Documents for Canada Transit Visa

·         Passport: There must be a passport with 2 blank pages, valid for at least 6 months after the trip.

·         2 Biometric Photographs: Should be compatible with white background and 35x45 mm dimensions.

·         Flights: Tickets must be purchased and indicate that you will leave Canada within 48 hours. Otherwise your Transit visa application will be rejected.

·         Visa Tracking Document: A form that must be completed and signed completely.

·         Petition: The country of departure and the date of transfer from Canada must be on the petition. This document must be written and signed in English or French, addressed to the consulate.

Important Information about Transit Visa

As from 31 July 2018, an appointment for biometric registration is required for the Canada Transit Visa.

When applying for a Canada Transit Visa, our Visa Center's Canada authorities will guide you in the best possible way and ensure that you apply correctly. For more information, please contact us by our contact numbers or e-mail.