Canada Immigration, Citizenship, Residence Permit Applications

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Canada, which ranks fifth among the countries with the highest level of welfare, accepts immigration and citizenship applications. Whether you have applied for immigration or citizenship, you will be granted a residence permit.

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To reach more comprehensive and accurate information you can contact to the official website of the Government of Canada - Immigration and Citizenship line.

Who can go to Canada as an immigrant?

The most important condition for living in Canada is that you will be able to benefit the Canadian economy and development. There are categories such as education level, foreign language proficiency and work experience. The best methods for living in Canada, obtaining a residence permit and then applying for citizenship are through education and long term work permits. It's the trick to prove to the Canada Consulate and immigration authorities that you are capable and capable of developing Canada. When you get a residence permit for Canada, you are an immigrant in Canada. When you apply for Canadian citizenship within 3 to 5 years and the process is completed, you will only be entitled to Canadian citizenship. If you qualify for a Canada residence permit, you will be granted a Canada Residence Permit Card.

There are several options for Canada residence permits:

Skilled Worker

You can also review this category under Work Permit. If you have sufficient language, educational level and work experience; If you have received a job offer in Canada; If you have received at least 67 out of 100 from the scoring system, you can apply for a residence permit with the category of qualified workers. Candidates are assessed in many more ways and your application is assessed based on how much you can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Business man

To apply for this category, you must be an investor, entrepreneur or self employed. You must invest at least 400,000$  in the Canada economy. If you are an investor, you are legally required to prove that you have at least 800,000$ worth of assets. If you are an entrepreneur, you must own a business, have experience in management, and have at least 300,000$ worth of assets. Applicants of this type of visa have certain obligations after obtaining a work and residence permit from Canada. One of them is to create a full time job opportunity for at least 3 years. On the other hand, self employed workers should contribute to cultural or sporting activities in Canada and have the ability to start a business.

Application Through Cities

If you have chosen the city you want to migrate to Canada, you can contact the immigration office of that city and apply for the city. While the first stage of this application is immigration, you can also apply for citizenship afterwards.

Family Sponsorship

If you have close relatives living in Canada, you can apply for a Canada residence permit through them. To go to Canada with the sponsorship of family members, they must agree to sponsor and assist you for 3 to 10 years.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

The Province of Quebec has a special contract with the Canada Government to select immigrants. According to this agreement, there is a separate evaluation process for the categories of permanent workers, businessmen, students, temporary workers, families, sponsored refugees. They are considered privileged.


This category is especially applicable to students studying in Canada. Persons who come to Canada for higher education can apply for work permit and then, citizenship permit.


Canada is among the countries receiving refugees. However, you cannot apply directly to a Canadian refugee without someone or an organization sponsoring you. For this sponsorship, you shouldn't be able to live in the country you want to escape. Therefore, if a refugee application is made on your behalf in some way, your application will be canceled if you return to your country.

Canada Residence Permit Card

A Canada residence permit is a card that gives you the right to live in Canada if you follow any of the above methods. The Canada residence permit doesn't provide you with voting rights or other rights granted by citizenship. However, in Canada, it provides many rights such as access to social services, work, education, protection by Canadian law. If you have a residence permit, you are responsible for paying taxes.  If you have a residence permit and meet the necessary conditions, you are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Citizenship for Canada

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How to Become a Canadian Citizen?

To apply for Canadian citizenship:

·         Have lived in Canada for at least 3 to 5 years (at least 1095 days in Canada),

·         Proving that you know Canada well,

·         Show that you regularly pay your taxes

·         Adequate language skills are compulsory.

If you apply for citizenship, you will be subjected to a test and interview to see how well you know Canada. If you pass the exam and interview, you can become a Canadian Citizen if you attend the Canadian oath ceremony. The exam consists of 20 questions in English or French and is a 30 minute exam. Questions are asked in categories such as Canada history, economy, geography, state, politics and symbols. People under the age of 18 have different conditions.

How to Get a Canada Residence Permit

Required Documents for Canada Residence Permit

There are a lot of documents you need to obtain before you can apply for a residence permit or immigration.

Some of these documents are as follows:

·         An official report documenting his/ her state of health.

·         Official record showing no criminal record.

·         A receipt showing that you have paid the application fee.

·         Application form for residence permit (complete with correct information). (Which type you are referring to must be filled out in a form that suits that type.)

·         Participate in negotiations with immigration representatives.

If you have completed these steps, you must submit additional documents to the Canada Immigration Office officials according to the category you are applying for. Some of those;

·         Diplomas of the schools you attend or certificates obtained from the places where you educate

·         Personal identification documents (identity card / photocopy of identity card / marriage certificate)

·         Letters of sponsors from people or organizations that will sponsor to you

·         Original, photocopy and notarized translations of the documents supporting your application (This article changes according to the category you apply for.)

·         Financal proof documents (supporting documents such as bank account statement, title deed, lease agreement, land, vehicle license)

·         Skill assessment test

·         Documents proving your refugee status, if any (for refugee applications only)

·         Language proficiency test results

·         Receipts or invoices that you have paid the additional fees required

·         Other documents or tests required by category